Why Fundraise ?


The MRHS PTSA supports the parents, students and teachers. Here are the ways that we support our MRHS family:




     * Parent events: We schedule events to help educate parents on Internet safety, ACT, SAT and PSAT Tests, as well as Senior Week safety for students who choose to attend Senior Week in Ocean City, MD.




     * Hospitality: The Hospitality team schedules several meals/snacks for our teachers and staff throughout the school year. 





     * Afterprom: The PTSA plans a huge party intended to keep kids safe after Prom. Most of our fundraising goes toward funding this amazing event.

     * Senior Scholarships: The PTSA holds an essay contest and the four winners each receive $1500 in scholarship to attend the school of their choice. 

     * Pizza for Freshmen: The PTSA purchases pizza for Freshmen and their families before school starts in August.

How it's done...

Teachers, families and local businesses work together to accomplish these goals by:


  • Membership dues                        
  • Hassle free Donations

 Thanks for all you do to make our school great!     


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